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Through the development of this portion of the GUSD website it goal is our goal to help clear up the misconception that teaching and teaching with technology must or need be mutually exclusive.

The role of the Coach/Teacher Leads is to work closely with classroom teachers in the development of lesson plans that encompass the use of technology. We will provide direct support to teachers via methods that are no different than the methods used by teachers on regular basis with each other. We will incorporate campus/classroom visitations, observations, coaching and mentoring. We will ask questions and lots of them, please do not make the assumption that we are always there to teach, we are there just as often to learn. I have never walked out of any classroom where I haven't learned at least one new thing, we believe this process of sharing with each other can lead to great things for ALL of us. We will assist in the creating of learning resources for teachers, staff and students. These may include Websites, tutorials, interactive programs, resources and databases that support teachers in integrating technology. Ideally, teachers will be guided and encouraged to develop their own resources, while the coach/teacher leads will support these efforts by providing assistance as needed.

Please understand that this web page is an attempt to deliver information in a hopefully easily accessible manner to every teacher. If you find an area that is of interest to you and you wish to explore further please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or the teacher leads so that we can schedule some one-on-one time, or a group training. I know teachers in our district are doing some amazing things and if you are willing to share please let us know.

As this a work in progress, please be patient with us as we develop and enhance this page. We are excited for the potential this page holds, but just like in the classroom we seem to be limited by time. Our greatest goal is to help support teachers not because it is needed as much as it is deserved. As coaches/teacher leads we do not have the answers to every question but I know that we will put forth great effort to find one for you. I have appreciated the emails, phone calls, and even text messages with ideas and suggestions, please keep them coming.

The following pages include directories with contact numbers for teacher leads, tech coach, and site support (software/programs) they will continue to be updated as the contacts filter in from the sites. Also available on this portion of the website are Do not hesitate to reach out via email and I.T. Tickets. I have included my cell phone as a contact number as most days I am at various sites with teachers and students.

Wendy LeVier
Instructional Technology Coach
(530) 736-3833

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