Safety Tips for Teachers

The following are tips for teachers to minimize potential legal risks:
  • STUDENT PRIVACY: If teachers do a live online session with students, DO NOT post pictures on social media of the teacher screen with student names visible. Student privacy should be protected at all times. If teachers feel compelled to post pictures, student names should be obscured in such a way as to make them unreadable. 

  • STUDENT LOGINS: Teachers who seek to post photos of their interactions should ask students to change their sign-in ID to just their initials, class nickname, favorite animal, etc., or student class number (not official student ID #).

  • RECORD YOUR INTERACTION: Whether teachers do a live or pre-recorded video, teachers should record each disseminated video. In this way teachers can protect themselves, as well as students. These video links should be stored and saved in the case where a teacher’s site administrator, human resources, or Child Protective Services, may want to access the video.
    • Google Meet will save the videos in your Google My Drive.

  • SURROUNDINGS: Teachers must be aware of their surroundings they are interacting from. Political, religious, sexual, alcohol, tobacco, inappropriate, and even sports team images should be excluded from view (ex: Political t-shirt on a teacher interacting with a student whose parents do not support that political candidate, crucifixes being on display when interacting with non-Christian households, etc.). No personal bias should be espoused by the teacher at any time.

  • DRESS: During this time, teachers should be mindful of their dress. Teachers should dress semi-professional. Sweat/workout clothes and non-school related t-shirts should be discouraged. Many t-shirts fall under “personal bias” (film shirts, pop-culture shirts, political shirts, etc.). Also parent and student perceptions should be taken into account. As teachers are professionals they should comport themselves as such. Parents seeing a casual teacher may diminish the teacher as being seen as a professional.

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