Central Valley High School




    • All clothing will be clean, neat and free from tears and holes.


    • Shorts shall be mid-thigh length and not designed for swimming or sunbathing.


    • Tops shall have shoulder straps, which cover undergarment. Straps must be at least one inch in width. Tops must be long enough to touch the tops of the pants, whether standing or sitting. No backless tops, halter-tops or tube tops. Any top that violates the dress code may not be visible.


    • Undergarments or sleeping apparel shall not be worn as outer garments or be visible.


    • No hats indoors.


    • All clothing, including hats, must be free of depiction of violence, graffiti, and reference to drugs, sex, alcohol, gangs or tobacco. No racial comments.


    • Shoes must be worn at all times.


    • Garments or accessories with studs are not allowed.



    Students who violate the dress code will be given the appropriate consequences.