Gateway Unified School District

Superintendent's Message

James M. Harrell, Superintendent In the 2016-2017 school year, Jim Harrell begins his fifth year with the Gateway Unified School District. He moved to California in 2010 where he joined Gateway as the Principal of Central Valley High School and then as Superintendent in 2012.
Previously he worked for the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District in Pocatello, Idaho for 24 years as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and District Director of Student Support Services. A graduate in Secondary Education, Superintendent Harrell also received his Masters of Education with an Educational Administration Emphasis, from Idaho State University.
Superintendent Harrell has a passion for education and children. He and his wife have one son in college and three children that attend Central Valley High School.
Strategic Goals
Mission and Vision


Providing Excellence in Learning: Every Student, Every Day
“Preparing your children for college and career success with a 21st century learning experience”


The Gateway Unified School District Will:
  • Create and sustain a culture of learning embedded with high expectations, a positive work ethic, and accountability for students, staff, parents and community; 
  • Value the uniqueness of each student and their family; 
  • Foster caring relationships among students and adults through mutual trust and respect; 
  • Provide a safe, supportive and orderly learning environment for all to learn and work; 
  • Ensure adequate time for students to demonstrate proficiencies;  
  • Incorporate relevancy into rigorous academic learning experiences; 
  • Engage all students to develop character, social/emotional assets and prepare students to respect and celebrate diversity; 
  • Provide and maintain facilities that meet the future academic needs of students; 
  • Support staff members in their commitment to meeting the needs of all learners; 
  • Provide students with the education needed to be competitive, productive, and successful in the 21st century.

Belief Statement

We Believe:
  • A clear and articulated mission through which the staff shares an understanding of and a commitment to instructional goals, priorities, assessment and accountability; 
  • All students can achieve mastery of the intended curriculum; 
  • The staff has the capacity and the responsibility to help all students achieve mastery; 
  • Students may not opt out of learning; 
  • Strong instructional leadership is imperative; 
  • Providing significant time for instruction in the essential skills promotes student learning; 
  • Students learn best when actively engaged in teacher-directed planned learning activities; 
  • A safe, supportive, caring, and respectful environment is critical to student learning; 
  • Parents and the community play a vital role in a student's educational success; 
  • Strong co-curricular and extracurricular programs support learning; 
  • Education is directly related to an improved quality of life.

Learning Goals

Learners will:
  • Exhibit appropriate interpersonal skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence;  
  • Exhibit respect for others and property; 
  • Demonstrate language literacy in a variety of settings as a reader, writer, listener, observer and speaker; 
  • Demonstrate competency in mathematical and scientific reasoning and apply critical thinking to solve problems in and out of school; 
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the humanities and arts; 
  • Exhibit a commitment to health and wellness; 
  • Demonstrate technological literacy; 
  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles of democracy and develop skills to become responsible citizens; 
  • Demonstrate an awareness of career opportunities connecting personal strengths to various career pathways and develop a post-graduation plan.